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Film screenings

We have worked for over 20 years in many different countries with wildlife and also experienced many exciting cultures and people. When we come home we have many tales to tell. Stefan Quinth is a gifted speaker with an abundance of beautiful pictures and films to share.

Suggested themes:

Interesting People - Elsa, Swedish commedian Börje Brelid, Gammalsvenskby in Ukraine, P.K. who bicycled from India to Sweden for the girl he loved

Scandianavians in USA - Pretty Much 100% Scandinavian from Minnesota and Scandinavian Sugpiaqs from Kodiak, Alaska

Nature and wildlife- adventures in Alaska, Colorado, Egypt, Tanznia, Namibia and Sri Lanka

Ahukuntake - the snake people of Sri Lanka and their amazing transformation.

Traildrivers - The Falun - Röros Expedition a beautiful journey through winter landscapes with wonderful Scandinavian folk music.

Stefan Quinth presenting the film project Pretty Much 100% Scandinavia