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Our vision

Documenting Nature and People has been our job since the middle of the '70's. The camera has taken us through tropical forests, desert heat, and to the top of mighty glaciers. But it has also brought us closer to the peaceful fields and pastures of home. Our mission is to produce films that entertain as well as inform, and that leave the viewer with a feeling of hope, rather than despair, for the future. Over the years Camera Q has produced many films for Television, Schools, Companies and Organizations.

Stefan Quinth

Stefan Quinth filming in Kodiak, Alaska

Wildlife filmmaker, producer and owner of Camera Q. Stefan has specialized in working with animals, nature and diverse cultures since 1976. He has worked and filmed in more than 40 different countries over the years. Recently he has concentrated on Kodiak, Alaska; Egypt; and Sri Lanka. But he has also film much in Sweden and many countries in Europe. Stefan Quinth has produced a long list of films that have been aired on Swedish and International Television.

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LaVonne Quinth

LaVonne Quinth

Sound technician, Production Assistant, Web Designer, Production Manager, Computer technician, Translator, Designer, Executive Producer. The titles have been many and varied. Born and raised in California, I moved to Sweden in 1983. I began traveling with Stefan, working at first as a gofer and later as the sound technician. In between trips I worked as a community nurse in Sweden. As time went on I became more and more involved in the company until I eventually gave up nursing entirely and began working full time at cameraQ. Read more