November 6-12, 2017

Kodiak Island is a stronghold of Scandinavian culture. Many of the Native people in surrounding villages are the posterity of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish adventurers. The November 2017 Kodiak Scandinavian Film and Culture Festival, a community project led by the Island Viking Lodge of Sons of Norway, is a means of educating locals and visitors of the importance of Scandinavian culture. The main feature of the event is a documentary film, produced by Swedish filmmaker Stefan Quinth. It is also a venue for Scandinavian artists and lecturers to instill a deeper appreciation of Scandinavian culture through workshops, lectures, concerts and other venues.

Check back later for a more detailed program. Meanwhile check out the trailer to the right to find out more about the Scandinavian heritage of Kodiak.

Kodiak, Alaska - The Island of the Scandinavian-Sugpiaqs